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hi there!

My name is Kate and I'm from New Brunswick, Canada. My many passions have led me down strange and wonderful paths - from weekend road trips through Iceland's wilderness, to seeking out the best places to plein air sketch in my hometown.

my areas of interest

I subscribe wholeheartedly to the idea that we must pursue the things which make our hearts soar. I'm a Scottish highland dancer and instructor, and a recent university grad passionate about community engagement and development. 

Outside of my academic and professional endeavours, I love to hike, travel, paint, read, make music, and generally chase every adventure this wide world has to offer. Writing, of course, keeps me grounded through it all.


about the site

chronicling my 20s

Chronicles of Kate houses anything and everything I want to share or document as I navigate the tumultuous magic of my early 20s - from explorations of Canada's East coast, to finding a way to channel my creative energy into my passion projects. 

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on the importance of writing things down

"we turn to a page in our notebook and say:

'on this day
the thought occurred to me 
in the light of which I have lived ever since'"

stephen graham, the gentle art of tramping

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